Mar 062013

There has long been an air presence in Birmingham ever since the council decided to build an airport in 1928. Back then it was a municipal airport but as the years rolled by the airport began to grow save for periods of instability like the Great Depression and World War II. After 1960, the airport was returned to the council’s control after the government used it as an airbase for the war. This is when it truly began to grow as a building to handle international traffic was created and the first international flights started to come in. Since then the number of passengers has steadily increased from just over 6 million in 1997 to a peak of 9.6 million in 2008, but as with many airports this amount of traffic was curbed by the growing economic downturn which resulted in more and more passengers turning their backs on flying. Fortunately, confidence is beginning to return and the amount of traffic returning to Birmingham Airport is increasing again, standing at 8.6 million in 2011.

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When it comes to car parking Birmingham Airport is a cost-effective option, but the good news is that you can also get a hotel along with this deal. If you are travelling across the country and want a rest before travelling onwards, then it is a great idea to go for an on airport or nearby hotel. Alternatively, if you are going to arrive back in the midlands during the night, then it can prove to be an excellent way to recuperate. We have a many different hotels including the highly affordable Castle Bromwich Inn, the premium Ibis as well as the scenic Express by Holiday Inn.