Jun 042010

HOLIDAYMAKERS won’t be able to afford to fly abroad if airport departure tax rises go ahead, the travel industry warned yesterday. Abta said it welcomed new government plans to replace the Air Passenger Duty departure tax with a perplane duty.

But it feared the previously planned APD rise will go ahead, hitting travellers to the Caribbean particularly badly. Currently, every economy class passenger flying to the tropical islands pays £50 in APD. From November 1, this is due to rise to £75. This means a family of four will pay £300 in tax alone.

For those travelling in premium economy, the flight tax doubles. Abta has urged people to write to MPs to express concern about the rises ‘which will price average travellers out of foreign holidays,endanger jobs and damage the UK’s position as a global aviation hub’. ‘A rise in aviation tax levels will put pressure on jobs and damage local economies reliant on tourist expenditure both here and abroad at a time when, as an industry, we are already suffering,’ said Abta chief executive Mark Tanzer.

‘A fairer banding system will be absolutely necessary to ensure that there is no further financial burden on those who can least afford it.’

BRITISH Airways passengers are the most likely to suffer baggage problems, a new survey claims. One in 3.8 BA passengers has had lost, delayed or damaged luggage in the past five years, claims the poll by insurer LV. Second-worst is Virgin Atlantic, with one in 8.3 having problems and in third place is Emirates with one in nine. The claim was ‘complete rubbish’, said BA.”  By Fred Attewill

Article First Published in Metro.

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