Sep 062013
Camel safari, sitting camel in Dubai

With sheer dynamism, excellent business environment, myriad tourist attraction, glittering shopping hubs and a bevy of luxury hotels, Dubai stand like an oasis for wanderers in the vast deserts of United Arab Emirates. The city that has added several magnificent architectural masterpieces to this landscape in recent decades has changed the concept of travellers about most coveted destinations in the world. Combining tranquilly of deserts with ever lively environment of the souks this destination in the Middle East appears as a destination which is hard to resist. Tourists often succumb to its charm and book flight tickets to the destination where so much on offer. And it is diversities that make Dubai more interesting. On a single day the visitors can hear sound of silence in the deserts, hike a rugged mountain, get involved in beach activities, bag memories from the glittering shopping malls or explore its vibrant nightlife. The city has so much on offer that it becomes hard to decide what should be explored and what left for the next trip.

Camel safari, sitting camel in Dubai

Camel safari, sitting camel in Dubai

Let us find out what makes Dubai such a hot favourite.

It is perfectly located

Even worst critic of Dubai can’t deny the fact that the city is located perfectly at an equal distance from Asia and Europe. And it is one of the biggest factors that make Dubai very exciting. Thousands of tourists who come to visit this city soon find that city has an air of cosmopolitanism that pervades its air. You will be joined by tourists from the different corners of the world as soon as you step out of the city’s airport.

Wide range of accommodation options

Those visiting the city of Dubai shouldn’t worry about the accommodation options. The city offers a wide range of accommodation options that includes ultra luxurious accommodation and budget hotels. If you are looking for a place to stay with difference then you can seek accommodations in a well equipped resort in deserts. So it is up to you to decide what kind of accommodations you are looking for.

Shopping Options Galore

The city of Dubai has become synonymous with shopping. And most of the tourists taking business class flights to Dubai have shopping in mind. Its glittering shopping malls and ever dazzling souks give visitors a shopping experience of life. So indulge in duty-free shopping or buy gold and electronics the choice lies solely with you. So brace for an entertaining shopping experience.

Busy Event Calendar

Dubai remains abuzz with the activities round the year as there is one or another event or festival keep taking place in the city round the year. Entertainment, conferences and exhibition are routine activity here. As it hosts a number of popular sporting events the city has got the nickname of Sporting Capital of the Middle East.

Envying Nightlife

Dubai also referred as city of superlatives offers envying nightlife options to visitors. Dubai could be termed as a city with insomnia as it offers an array of nightlife options to the tourists. Countless bars, cocktail lounges and Irish pubs remain open till the wee hours. Some bars have also taken the services of pianists, guitarists, and bands to entertain clients.

In addition to these there are regular city attractions that keeps tourist engaged. Aren’t there enough reasons to visit Dubai?