Jul 222013

Transformation! There can’t be a better world to define meteoric rise of Dubai from a small sleepy village to a world class destination in few decades. This glittering destination in Middle East is getting attention of leisure and business tourist from around the world. The city that once was in limelight for its huge oil reserves is now turning heads with its glittering shopping options and state of the art infrastructure. This bustling metropolitan in the gulf has a huge glam appeal which is shaped by its modern age opulence. This metropolitan has emerged as an important stopover. Here we are summarising major thing to do during your sojourn to the city.



Bastakiya Quarter

The small Bastakiya quarter is Dubai’s most interesting place. The neighbourhood was founded in 19th century by affluent pearl traders from Bastak, Iran. The tourists should explore its labyrinthine lanes which are replete with merchant’s houses, art galleries, cafés, and boutique hotels.

Burj Al Arab (Arabian Tower)

This luxury hotel in Dubai is an iconic landmark in the city. The building is well known for its great architectural style.

Burj al Arab Hotel

Burj al Arab Hotel

Burj Khalifa

Besides being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is well known for its architectural magnificence. The building is a mix of offices and apartments.

Desert Safari

Besides its razzle dazzle, Dubai is also well known for its desert safari. Imagine the thrill of camel riding in Arabian Desert while belly dancers are performing at the sand dunes. The guests can also opt for a jeep safari.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek located in Dubai. It is the place where dhows unloaded cargo. The tourists can take an Abra to visit this place else they can also take a taxi boat to visit this place that once served as lifeline of Dubai.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum offers an interesting peek into history of Dubai and its meteoric rise from a small bland destination to a world class metropolis.

Dubai Souks

Besides being home to shopping malls and glass tinted office spaces, Dubai also has its traditional markets. Gold Souks is one such place where more than 200 soaps are selling the yellow metal. Here bargain is the order of the day. Further you can visit spice Souks that sells assorted spices from the different parts of the world.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is a mosque with distinction. This elegant mosque offers tourists an opportunity to understand Islam. This is only mosque in the country that allows non-Muslims.

In addition to the aforesaid, the city of Dubai has several other tourist attractions that you can explore. Search and book cheap flights to Dubai and explore this city of superlatives.

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