Oct 092009

If you are looking for Cheap Holidays to Dubai you better book soon because the price of the package trip is expected to increase next year. Customers have been holding off for bargains but now costs are expected to shoot up in 2010 as tour operators feel the recession pinch, a report warns.

The average price of Dubai Holidays rose by £30 to £500 this simmer, as the price war that had been anticipated failed to materialise and travel agents cut the number of Cheap Dubai Deals on offer. Now industry observers believe the industry can not sustain its current size, according to the travel Magazine Trade Travel Gazette. Prices will go up even as demand slackens and weaker firm will go to the wall.

Overall, leisure travel was down to 11% this summer and there are feats that 2010 will be no better, with the likelihood that bookings will be affected by fans being glued to the television as England compete in the World Cup in South Africa.

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